About us

The company

The following brief reviews illustrate the most important work experiences of the Group in three main fields of activity:

  • Design and works management of aqueducts, sewer systems and networks, river bed planning, waste water treatment systems and conditioning systems
  • Territorial hydraulic and road infrastructures
  • Civil engineering and interior design
  • Energy from alternative sources and industrial areas

The company is qualified according to the corporate quality system compliant with the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The technical staff operating presents a high professional standard and has developed a long and valuable expertise further to many years of profitable teamwork. The staff consists of master graduates-senior level (more than 10 years of seniority), master graduates-junior level, qualified technical staff and employees.

The quality of the service offered by Studio di Ingegneria Associato Mr. Isola Riccardo, Mr. Boasso Paolo, Mr. Rabaglio Fabrizio, engineers is enhanced by the high level of expertise of a number of members of the team working permanently for the company.

Our history

The company, was established in 1959. The operating office has its headquarters in Vercelli, corso Marcello Prestinari n. 86.

The group carries out a great number of exhaustive research and development activities jointly with
Italian Universities and in particular with the Applied-Science Faculties of Turin where Mr. Riccardo Isola is professor since 1999.